Valley Property Inspections, LLC
Lee Taylor
Plan For Your Inspection
Inspectors will need access to all areas of the home that is to be inspected.  
This will help the Seller as well as the Buyer ensure we can perform a
complete and thorough inspection.

  • Air Filters should be cleaned / changed
  • All personal items should not block access to the electrical panel, heating unit, attic access,
    plumbing manifolds, or other special features
  • Trim trees 10 feet away from the roof
  • Trim foliage away from the exterior of the home
  • Clear all debris from the perimeter of the foundation
  • Replace dead batteries in smoke/CO detectors
  • Repair or replace any loose or damaged door knobs or locks

  • Ensure all utilities are on.
  • All pilot lights should be on and lighted by the utility company
  • Make sure all interior doors and gates are unlocked, or have keys readily available.
  • We love pets.  Our attention is inspecting the home, and pets can unintentionally get under
    our feet causing anyone to trip and injure themselves or others (including the pet).  Pets are
    welcome to accompany you.  Please keep them secured
  • Replaced burned out light bulbs